What we do  

Make the most of your ideas with Quantmind's digitally focused services.

Web Applications

We build great dynamic web-applications optimised for smaller screens and pulling data from any type of API, database or real time feed. Read more ...


We provide consultancy services for back-end server development, database set-up, data analysis, machine learning, data visualization and more...


We create great data visualisation tools and applications and integrate them in your project.

Google cloud

Google Platform

Experts in deploying to the google cloud platform via the app engine and the compute engine

  Technologies we use

We use the state of the art libraries and tools of open source technologies


Python experts

We are expert python developers crafting beautiful and robust code working for both python 2 and python 3. Python is our preferred language when writing server-side software. Find out more


We use d3 for creating beautiful visualisation for data-driven applications. Thanks to d3 flexibility we can prototype and design endless solutions for our clients.

Angular JS

Angular JS

We use angular js for most of our web front-end development. With angular we can cleanly separate the user interface implementation from the services providing data to your application.

Data Stores

We can use a host of different solutions when deciding which data source to use, either being an SQL or No SQL database deployed locally or over the cloud.